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What is a waste manager?
A person or organization, public or private, properly authorized to manage waste, even if it is not the one who produced the waste (According to Law 22/2011, about Waste)

Why should I hire a waste management?
Law 22/2011 on Waste (Art.17) defines the initial producer or other holder of waste, in order to ensure the proper treatment of waste is required to:
a) Do the waste treatment itself.
b) instruct the treatment of its waste to negotiate or to an organization or company, all of them registered under this Act.
c) Deliver waste to a public or private entity waste collection, including social economy organizations, for treatment.

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How do I know if my waste is considered dangerous?
Are considered hazardous waste listed in the European Waste Catalogue, published in the Order MAM / 304/2002, as well as containers and packaging that have content.

European Waste List

Clean Point

Deixalleria d’ús comunitari per als habitants de Sant Pol i Sant Cebrià, amb gestió del Consell Comarcal del Maresme. Servei gratuït.

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Phone: 93 760 21 58

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All Monday, at the door of the house in bags or Fardes well tied and a maximum of three per house and day of collection.

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